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Contact Us

For inquiries regarding Nabelin Co., Ltd. or any of our departments,
please contact us using the information below

Contact by Telephone
Matsumoto Headquarters (main phone number)
(Weekdays, 8:30 – 17:15)
Tokyo Main Office (main phone number)
(Weekdays, 8:30 – 17:15)

Inquiries Regarding Recruitment

Personnel Affairs Group

TEL:(+81)263-27-6540 FAX:(+81)263-25-1342
※ Entries accepted via Rikunabi

Inquiry to our Divisions

Pharmaceutical Division

TEL:(+81)263-27-6555 FAX:(+81)263-25-2057

Home Care and Nursing Division

TEL:(+81)263-35-5867 FAX:(+81)263-35-5868

Medical System Division

TEL:(+81)263-27-6534 FAX:(+81)263-27-0405

Chemical Product Division

TEL:(+81)3-3270-2831 FAX:(+81)3-3270-2834

Overseas Business Division

TEL:(+81)3-3270-5327 FAX:(+81)3-3270-2834

Health Food Division

TEL:(+81)3-3270-5446 FAX:(+81)3-3270-0454

Business Solution Division

TEL:(+81)263-27-6583 FAX:(+81)263-27-8430

Medical Raw Material Division

TEL:(+81)3-3270-5441 FAX:(+81)3-3270-0454