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International Business Division

Our International Business Division globally supports clients who are expanding their overseas business.

We have offices in six countries in Asia to assist the development of companies expanding their international business. We support these companies to do business in foreign countries as in Japan, including supports of inventory delivery, legal investigation, import and export, and on-site procurement based on our know-hows gained from our experiences in Japan.

International Business Division

We support to provide overseas distribution network according to the needs of clients.


Economic development allows various companies to widely promote their business. At the same time, they need different supports required in the region.
We want to support these companies nearby to do business in foreign countries based on our know-hows gained from our experiences in Japan.

We have a storage in six countries in Asia as our operation center to utilize the logistics system of the local corporation and its affiliates. We deliver products to clients in the same manner of our delivery in Japan. Our carful services of rapid deliver, even if it is a single bottle of small test reagent, have been highly evaluated at overseas sites.
We also provide flexible on-site procurement via our global network connecting six centers in Asia, as well as cost reduction by using regular liner ship from Japan for import and export.

To respond to request from clients, we actively propose specialized products and systems in the information distribution field. We also actively employ people in each country in order to develop personnel with international perspective in our business. We will develop these overseas centers to introduce overseas distribution network in order to respond the needs of clients nearby.

Six features of International Business Division

  1. Import / export of products managed according laws in each country
  2. Licensed to handle hazardous materials at each overseas center
  3. Employment of overseas staff who can speak not only Japanese, but also English and Chinese
  4. Provision of suitable products and services for clients via domestic and overseas network
  5. Promotion of on-site procurement for each client
  6. Storage and delivery suitable for quality control

Hiromitsu Obinata

Board Member
Director of International Business Division
Hiromitsu Obinata

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