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Medical System Division

Our Medical System Division contributes to the improvement of regional medicine by establishing a medical system considering patients first.

We support community-based medical care, especially in Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures. Our Medical System Division supports to improve regional medical care and provide patient-friendly medical care by establishing the networking system of medical institutions, dispensing pharmacies, nursing facilities, etc., especially through support of the sales of a medical accounting system.

Partner with Fujitsu


Our Medical System Division contributes to regional medical care through the establishment of medical system network and maintenance support


Our Medical System Division proposes the latest electronic chart integrated receipt computers and prescription receipt computers. In addition, we contribute to regional medical care through hardware and software support, such as efforts to provide high efficiency by linking the peripheral equipment of clients and those of sales and maintenance.

Four features of our Medical System Division

  1. Total support in system establishment and maintenance
  2. Provision and customizing of the most appropriate products prioritizing convenience and efficacy of clients
  3. Trustworthy with nearly 500 sales records in Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures
  4. Handling a wide range of systems manufactured by various makers and our support system

Board Member
Director of Medical System Division
Takayuki Nakayama

Introduction of a medical system is customized according to the treatment and operations of each medical institution and dispensing pharmacy. We provide sales and support for various medical devices and testing equipment that can be linked to the electronic patient chart, receipt computer, and system for hospitals and clinics. For dispensing pharmacies, we offer sales and support receipt computers, electronic medication history, preparations audit system, etc. We also recommend a nursing support system to nursing facilities.

Introduction of a medical system improves convenience by linking the system with images such as X-rays and various test results. This leads to a reduction in waiting time by the patient as well as input without requiring manual work.

We are supporting approx. 500 clients in both Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures for their medical accounting system. We totally support system introduction, instruction/maintenance of the system, and response for laws and regulations to provide comfortable and high quality medical care.
Regarding support after introduction, we offer a field support to provide direct visits to the requesting customer and we also have a support center to respond by telephone or remote operation. These are both used to respond to the needs of clients.

Recommended manufacturers related to our medical accounting system are Fujitsu for medical institutions, and Mitsubishi Electric, Nextit, and Sigma Solutions for dispensing pharmacies, but we can also handle products from other manufacturers.

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