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The Nabelin Group is always staying up to date with the needs of our customers. Each company in the Nabelin Group are specialized in providing products and services to fill all our customers needs. Through this specialization, we are making a valuable contribution to every part of local communities. Our research into business and society related problems is ongoing. Our companies are working together and individually to serve the community.

Nabelin Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.

Established / 18 September 1961
Capital / JPY.17.200.000
Head Office / 6-21 Chuo 3 chome.Matsumoto city. Nagano pref, 390-0811
TEL. (+81)263-33-3627  FAX.(+81)263-33-3628
Lines of Business / Medical supplies. Preparation of a medical prescription,Child Care goods, Cosmetics selling general merchandise.

Naruco Yakuhin Co.,Ltd.

Established / 1 July 1965
Capital / JPY.10.000.000
Head Office / 2-3 Minamihara 1 chome. Matsumoto city. Nagano pref, 390-0846
TEL. (+81)263-25-5982  FAX. (+81)263-25-5987
Lines of Business / Sale of chemicals,Undertaking of extermination of harmful insects, Undertaking of environmental sterilization.

ACTY Co.,Ltd.

Established / 25 April 1967
Capital / JPY.50.000.000
Head Office / 2F Mtsumoto Souko Yamagata Haisou Center
8228 Yamagatamura. Higashichikumagun. Nagano pref, 390-0851
TEL.(+81)263-87-7245  FAX.(+81)263-87-7247
Lines of Business / Selling a animal medicines, food materials, and fisheries feed.

AZ Science Co.,Ltd.

Established / 1 April 1974
Capital / JPY.61,360,000
Head Office / 3-35 Muraimachinishi 2 chome, Matsumoto city, Nagano pref, 399-8754
TEL. (+81)263-58-0021  FAX.(+81)263-58-8786
Lines of Business / Medical equipment, Wholesale of scientific and industrial equipment.

Nabelin Kenko Co.,Ltd.

Established / 5 April 1978
Capital / JPY.20,000,.000
Head Office / 3501-1 Shimauchi.Matsumoto city, Nagano pref, 390-0851
TEL. (+81)263-48-3501  FAX.(+81)263-48-3502
Lines of Business / Construction industry.

Katabami Co.,Ltd.

Established /21 December 1984
Capital / JPY.100.000.000
Head Office / 2-27 Chuo 3 chome, Matsumoto city. Nagano pref, 390-0811
Real Estate Division
8-10 Futaba.Matsumoto city. Nagano pref, 390-0833
TEL.(+81)263-87-0224  FAX.(+81)263-27-3344
Financials Services Division
8-10 Futaba.Matsumoto city. Nagano pref, 390-0833
TEL.(+81)263-27-6524  FAX.(+81)263-25-0770
Lines of Business / Immovables management. Non life insurance. Management direction.Division service.

Katabami Management Service Co.,Ltd.

Established / 31 October 2001
Capital / JPY.30,000,000
Head Office / 8-10 Futaba.Matsumoto city. Nagano pref, 390-0833
TEL.(+81)263-27-6543  FAX.(+81)263-25-0770
Lines of Business / (1)Data processing.hardware and software sales. (2)lnformation device sales. (3)Human resources development and planning. Operation. training and seminar consultation.

Agro Green Co.,Ltd.

Established / 1 November 2002
Capital / JPY.50,000,000
Head Office / 3-19 Nomizo mokko 1 chome. Matsumoto city. Nagano pref, 399-0005
TEL.(+81)263-27-9250  FAX.(+81)263-27-9253
Lines of Business / Selling agricultural chemicals. fertilizer, synthetic resin. products greenhouse, props. agricultural products. Grain. seeds and seedlings. garbage disposer. scales, and others. agricultural management consultation.

Shunyodo-Yakubo Co.,Ltd.

Established /27 June 1952
Capital / JPY.10,000,000
Head Office /2-5-1 Otobane-tyo Toyama city Toyama pref,930-0037
TEL.(+81)76-424-1717 FAX.(+81)76-424-5220
Lines of Business / selling Pharmaceutical raw material,Pharmaceutical addition agent,Health food ingredients,Chemical products

Ainabelin Co.,Ltd.

Established /1 December 2017
Capital / JPY.30,000,000
Head Office / 8-10 Futaba.Matsumoto city. Nagano pref, 390-0833
TEL.(+81)263-27-6588  FAX.(+81)263-27-6589
Lines of Business /Home care support,Visit nursing

Hoshina Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Established /1 October 1984
Capital / JPY.20,000,000
Head Office /1493 Kawanakajimamachi Imazato. Nagano city. Nagano pref,381-2234
TEL.(+81)26-285-2730 FAX.(+81)26-284-5473
Lines of Business / Manufacture of food additives, food additive preparations, seasonings, etc.

Katabami Insurance Service Co.,Ltd.

Established /10 December 2021
Capital / JPY.10.000.000
Head Office / 8-10 Futaba.Matsumoto city. Nagano pref, 390-0833
TEL.(+81)263-87-0224  FAX.(+81)263-25-1352
Lines of Business / Non life Insurance Agent

Nabelin (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Established / 31 December 2002
Capital /7,884,275CNY
Address / No.2015 20F Tomson International Trade Building. No.1 JiLong
Road.Shanghai Wai Gao Free Trade Zone.P.R.China 200131
TEL.(+86)21-5057-0003  FAX.(+86)21-5869-0450
Lines of Business / Trading of Chemicals. Foods and others

Nabelin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Established / 7 December 2006
Capital / 22,000,000THB
Address / 32 Permpoom Building 5th Floor.
Sukhumvit 87.Sukhumvit Road.
Bangjak.Phrakanong.Bangkok 10260,Thailand.
TEL.(+66 )(0) 2-740-3740  FAX.(+66 )(0) 2-311-4243
Lines of Business / Trading of Chemicals. Foods and others

Nabelin Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.

Established / 11 January 2012
Capital / 1,000,000MYR
Address / F-1-3, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, 43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia.
TEL.(+603)9082-7113  FAX.(+603)9082-8114
Lines of Business / Trading of Chemicals. Foods and others.

PT.Nabelin Indonesia

Established / 1 January 2013
Capital / IDR.5,050,000,000
Address / 4F Wisma Nusantara Jalan M.H.
Thamrin No59.Jakarta 10350.lndonesia
TEL.(+62)21-390-2513.2514 FAX.(+62)21-390-2520
Lines of Business / Trading of Chemicals. Foods and others.

Fuso-Nabelin Axis Phils.Inc.

Established / 30 January 2016
Capital /35,400,000PHP
Address / Orient Goldcrest Compound, Unit 4, Lot6, Block7,
First Cavite Industrial Estate, Langkaan Dasmarinas, Cavite Philippines
TEL.+63-46-402-0261 FAX.+63-46-402-0263
Lines of Business / PEZA bonded warehousing  Various metal processing  Trading of various raw materials and industrial chemicals

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