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Health Foods Division

We create a rich and healthy dietary culture to contribute to the society.

In addition to supplying food ingredients, we collect and analyze the latest information and technology passing it on to the next generation and propose foods with new taste. We contribute to the development of a food culture that promotes our rich and healthy life.
We support the entire process of food manufacturers, including processes regarding ingredients, seasoning, and cooking equipment.


We support the entire process of food manufacturers by suggesting a system to improve efficiency and reduce costs and by improving taste upon request from clients.


We provide ingredients and seasonings especially to food manufacturers producing daily eaten food according to their needs. In addition, our research and development group develops “the taste” in response to the request of clients providing a tailor-made product to individual clients.

Activities of this division

Our fundamental policy includes “health, safety, and security,” “global environment and recycling,” and “traceability” from cultivation to consumer use. In addition to supply of materials and ingredients of food and seasonings, we also design equipment/devices and the optimal production process to promote efficiency and cost reduction for food manufacturers while carrying out consultation.

The authorized qualification for food labeling was established based on food safety awareness because many incidents related to food labeling have occurred in recent years. All of our sales staff in this division, who help to bridge between manufacturers and consumers, seek to be certified by this test.

We promote projects for the import/export of ingredients and materials of food in a planned manner through the exchange of food cultures and technical provision with overseas partners especially in in Asian countries. Also, we will further provide health, safety, and security of food through approaches that manifest functionality with higher trends for health in these days.


Corporate Executive Officer
Director of Health Foods Division
Hideki Oguchi

Six features of our Health Foods Division

  1. Various product line-ups that respond to the various needs of each food process manufacturer
  2. Product proposals according to the needs of clients
  3. Trading company function including survey of materials and information provision
  4. Supply of ingredients/materials and products to functional food manufacturers by utilizing our know-how developed from our experience in the pharmaceutical formulation design
  5. Function to develop and propose as a manufacturer with its own laboratory
  6. Function to support from process design to propose planning and manufacturing as consigned manufacturer

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