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ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, establishes global standards across various fields and facilitates international trade and business dealings. Nabelin has been certified with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Based on our overarching company policy and action guidelines, Nabelin has established a business policy in order to guarantee our valued customers the utmost satisfaction. This policy is built upon Nabelin’s guiding philosophy: to grow in mutual prosperity with our local community, creating new value to become an in-demand business not limited by time nor borders.
Furthermore, the business policy lays out our long-term business plan, Echo Vision 2023, which will be explained to and thoroughly understood by each member of our organization as we move to implement it throughout our company.

The Implementation Process

The implementation process involves 1) complying with customer requirements as well as the laws and regulations that apply to Nabelin’s products and services, and 2) making continuous improvements in order to advance our management system. By putting these two points into practice throughout the organization and using process approach strategies, we aim to continuously improve our processes and the management system itself.

We will also make our business policy publicly available to our stakeholders as needed.

Business Policy


Nabelin strives to grow in mutual prosperity with our local community, creating new value to become an in-demand business not limited by time nor borders.


Echo Vision 2023

Our Vision for a Better Company
Building a proud and confident company full of vibrant individuals.
  • We endeavor to be a company that earns the trust of our customers and the local community.
  • We rally both the strength of the individual and the strength of the organization.
  • We pride ourselves on our strong ethics to build a healthy company culture.
  • We strive to build a workplace environment that makes our work meaningful.


■Initial certification: 2000.1.31

■Certification number: JET-0257

■Certification scope: Matsumoto Head Office,Tokyo Head
Office, All Sales Office and Distribution Center in Japan

(1) Sales of Medical supplies
(2) Sales of Domiciliary medical care supplies,
Medical appliances and OA equipment
(3) Sales and Export/Import of Chemical products,
Synthetic resins raw materials, Electron industrial
materials, Materials of foods, industrial equipment
and machinery in Japan
(4) Design/development and Manufacturing control of
Food additions(Nabelin’s own brand of HOSHIKUMA)
(5) Construction managment of window films

■Applicable standerd: JIS Q 9001:2015(ISO9001:2015)

Nabelin has also established environmental policies in order to promote our environmental conservation and societal contribution initiatives that are carried out through our business activities. These policies are built upon our philosophy that a sustainable society can be realized through the coexistence of social economic development and global environmental conservation. Our goal is to achieve this through our policies.

Environmental Policies


Through business activities that promote our environmental conservation and societal contribution initiatives, Nabelin endeavors towards the realization of a sustainable society where socio-economic development and global environmental conservation coexist.


  1. We shall contribute to the construction of a sustainable, recycling-oriented society through the promotion of environmentally sound business ventures.
  2. We shall build and continuously improve a management system that promotes the advancement of environmental performance.
  3. We shall comply with domestic and international environmental regulations as well as any other requirements agreed upon by our company.
  4. In line with these environmental policies, we shall set environmental goals and objectives and review them as necessary.
  5. Our environmental goals are as follows:
    a. To promote products that contribute to the environment
    b. To constrain and manage our burden on the environment
    c. To engage in voluntary activities that contribute to local environmental conservationc.
    d. Promotion of beneficial environmental activities.
  6. Promoting SDGs activities.
  7. These environmental policies shall be universally understood by all company members and publicly released to stakeholders and the general public.


■Initial certification: 2001.3.27

■Certification number: E00-188

■Certification scope: Matsumoto Head Office,Tokyo Head Office,All Sales Office and Distribution Center in Japan Operations related with all Sales activities in Nabelin Co., Ltd.(Phamaceuticals, Domiciliary medical care, Medical support, chemical products, International business, Health foods, Business solution, and Medical chemicals & Ingredients) and with Head office and Stuff activities

■Applicable standerd: JIS Q 14001:2015(ISO14001:2015)

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