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Sensitive to humanity and tomorrowAll for the prosperity of regional communities

Nabelin equation

“Products + Information = Information Distribution Business”

Nabelin is a trading company. We handle various products, but mainly provide “information.” Our wholesale business is an “information distribution business” where products with added value of information are distributed. For example, we add more valuable information, including service, structure, price response, to “products” such as a pharmaceutical product, food, medical device, or personal computer delivered from the manufacturer, and are then distributed as “products of higher value.”
We always want to contribute to the regional development by standing on the side of clients to distribute products that can lead to the awareness of clients.

Nabelin was established 126 years ago in Matsumoto

site of the historic Matsumoto Castle.

Nabelin was established 126 years ago in Matsumoto, site of the historic Matsumoto Castle.

Nabelin was originally established in 1894 as a hardware store (principal business was foundry work) and purveyor of the Matsumoto Clan since the Edo Period (17th – 19th C.). Rinzo Shima, the family head at that time, subsequently began to handle crude drugs and sundries. Up to that time, the name of the store was “Nabeya” but was changed to “Naberin Shoten (Store)” after the previous name of “Nabeya” and the inherited family head of Rinzo and Rin’emon. Tracing history of the founder family leads to Muromachi Period (14th – 15th C.), but its start as a trading company was in the Meiji Period (late 19th C.). With our pride of being rooted in this region and having developed with the community, we want to continue to contribute to the region as a valuable member of the community.

Global development in cooperation with our eight business divisions

We have eight business divisions: Pharmaceutical Division for wholesale business of pharmaceutical products, Chemical Product Division that handles chemical drugs, Health Food Product Division that handles ingredients of food, and Medical System Division and Business Solution Division that provide maintenance and follow-up of business devices. We started from the medical and pharmaceutical business and subsequently established the other business divisions along with our development over 126 years of history with the aim of contributing to the community. We have been expanding throughout Asia to provide business proposals according to the needs of clients in cooperation with our business divisions.