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Company Policy


Through its daily operations, Nabelin Co..,Ltd. plays an active role in creating prosperity for society both regional and global and happiness for people living there. To accomplish this objective, all the members of the company try their best to improve their abilities and personalities through exercising correct judgment and action.



Let’s discover and create attractive products and services.
Let’s use our imagination fully and take actions boldly.
Let’s see things objectively, placing yourself in the shoes of others.
Let’s grasp the true nature of things in solving problems.




The company emblem symbolizes the long growth history of Nabelin as an enterprise.It is used on our stock certificates and other commercial instruments,company flags,certificates of commendation,lapel badges,and on objects used in commemorative ceremonies. Together with our symbol mark,the company emblem is loved by many both inside and outside the company.



Nabelin’s symbol mark has an “N” hidden at the point where two ellipses intersect with each other. The combination of the ellipses signifies the creation of new values through the fusion of people or of different cultures. The image is a flight toward the future. The green color of the mark symbolizes nature,hope,youth and eternity.

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