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Pharmaceutical Division

Our Pharmaceutical Division support medical enrichment by promptly and stably delivering pharmaceutical products.

We promptly and stably deliver pharmaceutical products needed by hospitals and dispensing pharmacies, as well as local hospitals and clinics. Moreover, we contribute to the development of a healthy and bright society by the transmission and collection of information by taking advantage of our network with manufacturers and medical institutions.

Pharmaceutical Division

We have developed wholesale business of pharmaceutical products for medical use in Nagano, Yamanashi, and Gunma prefectures. A supply system has been established to meet the needs by preparing a distribution network.


Nabelin equation: “Products + Information = Information distribution Business”

We perceive the wholesale business as an “information distribution business” which distributes products with added value of information. Services, structure, information, price response, etc., are added to the “products” which are delivered in the manufacturer’s condition, and then distribute these as “products” with added value.

Our company has five major advantages.

  1. Because we handle products of various manufacturers, a wide range of products can be coordinated.
  2. We have many information sources, so the needed information can easily be consolidated, processed, and provided.
  3. We have product collection and distribution capability due to our delivery function, so we can promptly respond at all times. We are ready in the event of a disaster or pandemic.
  4. We have a good command of IT, ensuring that the product can be supplied when needed, in the amount needed.
  5. Out all-directions network connects medical institutions, pharmacies, and manufacturers.
樋口 亮
Corporate Executive Officer
Director of Pharmaceutical Division
Ryo Higuchi

Our Pharmaceutical Division carries out wholesale business of pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical products can be divided into two types: general pharmaceutical products and medicinal drugs.

【What are general pharmaceutical products, including non-prescription drugs, self-medication products, and over-the-counter products (OTC)?】
  • Pharmaceutical products that can be selected and used by a person’s own judgment at a pharmacy or drug store.
  • Most are a blend of ingredients for which safety has been ensured and are suitable for early stage symptoms.
  • They are available through both a wholesale route and a direct sales route.
【What are medicinal drugs?】
  • Medicine that is prescribed and dispensed according to a prescription issued or directed by a physician after examination.
  • They are prescribed according to symptoms and conditions of patients, so most of them are highly effective. On the other hand, caution regarding side effects is needed.
  • ”Pharmaceutical prices” are set as the official price by the government (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) according to the National Health Insurance (NHI) Drug Price Standard.
  • The wholesale personnel carefully deliver these drugs to hospitals, clinics, and dispensing pharmacies according to the needs of clients.

A wholesaler stands between the manufacturer and the distributor, is the middleman in charge of product distribution activities, and is also called a warehouse dealer.
During the years of high economic growth, American style, large-scale consumption was promoted and the sale of large amounts of products at a low-price became mainstream. Warehouse dealers working in the middle margin started to be avoided by consumers who sought low prices, and the significance of their existence has faded. In addition, in the discussions on the rationalization and modernization of distribution routes, some people insisted that wholesalers were not required.
However, wholesalers of pharmaceutical products are needed in society. It is because their original role and function are essential for our life.

Handling pharmaceutical products which are directly associated with our health and life, namely life-related products, involves more than just delivering goods from any pharmaceutical company to hospitals, clinics, or dispensing pharmacies. As a distribution company, we must provide stable and prompt delivery of these products during a disaster or pandemic.
Handling any pharmaceutical product strictly regulated by law and regulations requires a high-level knowledge of the product. “Accurate information regarding products,” including onset of side effects, must be surely collected and provided and traceability is also required to follow the effect of pharmaceutical products for each production lot. All offices that handle medicinal drugs must employ a nationally certified pharmacist.

Salespersons in charge of pharmaceutical products who actually contact clients through sales and information provision, etc., are commonly called MS (marketing specialist). Activities of MS are based on the basic role of a pharmaceutical wholesaler, the safe and stable supply of pharmaceutical products. Another important role of MS includes provision of solutions to clients through discussion on the management of medical institutions experiencing remarkable changes in the current management situation.
We contribute to the improvement of healthcare via close contact with MR (medical representatives) in pharmaceutical companies by providing safe and reliable distribution of pharmaceutical products.

As a member of “Ashi no Kai” to review the pharmaceutical field

“Ashi no Kai” is a newly established association in cooperation with nine pharmaceutical product wholesalers with the same policy, in order to adapt to the environment of a highly changing medical system, and to consistently provide clients with optimal service. The purpose of this association is to share their own information and resources, to respond to higher-level needs of healthcare personnel, and to contribute to the improvement of healthcare.
We respond to the higher-level needs of clients to contribute to further improvement of healthcare by sharing distribution system, sales promotion, and information service as a member of the association.

Website of “Ashi no Kai”


Distribution function

Always promptly providing safe and reliable pharmaceutical products to clients

Our distribution center prepares the proper storage and distribution system based on quality control and safety management standards in the transportation and storage of pharmaceutical products (Japanese Good Supplying Practice, or JGSP). We carry out speedier and more accurate delivery to clients by ordering via on-demand supply system (ODSS) and online delivery data.

Pharmaceutical products must be promptly and stably supplied in cases of disaster or pandemic. We participate in the project of storage and supply of pharmaceutical products during disaster designated by Nagano prefecture with higher CSR (corporate social responsibility) as a pharmaceutical wholesaler associated with our life.


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