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1891 Apr. Foundation of a medicine quotient in Matsumoto city, Nagano pref
1948 Apr. Established Nabelin shoten Co.,Ltd.
1948 Nov. Established Tokyo Niigata branch
1951 Jun. Established Naoetsu branch
1955 Apr. Established Nagano branch
1956 Mar. Established Kofu branch
1961 May Established Ina branch
1963 Jul. Changed the name of company “Naberin Co., Ltd.”
1964 May Established Matsumoto Distribution Center
1964 Dec. Established Osaka branch
1966 Jan. Established Okaya branch
1966 Apr. Established Ueda branch
1966 Jul. Established Iida branch
1969 Aug. Established Gunma branch
1969 Dec. Established Tsubame branch
1970 Jun. Expanded Matsumoto branch. Established Kofu Distribution Center
1977 Jun. Established Matsushiro Distribution Center
1980 Dec. Established Tsubame Distribution Center
1982 Feb. Established Joetsu Distribution Center. Changed the name of Naostsu branch to “Joetsu branch”
1982 Dec. Established Saku branch
1983 May Established main operation office in Tokyo
1983 Oct. Expanded Nagano branch
1984 Nov. Established Yamagata branch
1985 Sep. Built Arai factory of Joetsu branch
1987 Apr. Expanded Gunma branch and renamed it “Kitakanto branch”
1989 Nov. Established Okaya branch.
1990 Sep. Established Sakata branch
1992 Dec. Established Niigata branch
1993 Nov. Renovated Kofu branch. Established Azumino Distribution Center
1994 Apr. Established Distribution Center of Medicine
1996 Oct. Established Taiwan Representative Office
1997 Jul. Registered Taiwan Representative Office as branch
2000 Jan. Awarded ISO 9002 : 1994 Certification
2001 Mar. Awarded ISO 14001 : 1996 Certification
2001 Jul. Established Philippines Representative Office
2002 Apr. Relocated Saku branch
2002 Nov. Established Kanto branch at Tsurugashima in Saitama pref
2002 Dec. Awarded ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification
2003 Apr. Established Shanghai branch
2005 Nov. Established Uozu Distribution Center
2006 Dec. Relocated Ina branch
2006 Dec. Established Nabelin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
2007 Nov. Established Mie branch
2009 Dec. Established Uozu branch
2009 Nov. Relocated Iida branch
2011 Aug. Relocated Pharmaceuticals Distribution Center and Matsumoto branch
2012 Jan. Established Nabelin Malaysia Sdn Bhd
2013 Jan. Established PT.Nabelin Indonesia
2013 Apr. Established Utsunomiya branch
2014 May Renamed Uozu branch to Toyama branch
2015 Apr. Incorporated Ueda branch and Saku branch , and established Toshin branch in Komoro city
2016 Mar. Established Fuso-Nabelin Axis Phils.Inc.
2016 Nov. Established Fukuoka branch
2018 Feb. Established Nagoya branch
2019 Oct. Established Kumamoto branch and Nagasaki Distribution Center and Kagoshima Distribution Center
2021 May Established Sendai branch

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