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Chemical Product Division

Our Chemical Product Division contributes to innovation of medical technology by providing highly functional products and optimal logistics system.

We respond to various needs of the manufacturing industry, especially for chemical products and provide information in response to laws and regulations, environment and ecology as well as supply of products. Rapid and reliable distribution is carried out using our original logistics system that takes advantage of information technology.


From delivery of small fixtures to development system proposals, we seek to be a manufacturing partner walking with clients.


“Chemical products” are products which are mainly used as industrial ingredients and characterized by their chemical composition and characteristics. We respond to the various needs of our clients, especially for chemical products, and deliver products and materials to currently approx. 1,300 companies, such as semiconductor, airplane, car, metal processing, resin processing, chemical, and medical device companies in Japan. With such a diverse range of industries, application is also wide. The number of manufacturers we deal with reaches approx. 2,000 companies in Japan and overseas.

We handle more than 14000 products mainly related to industrial chemical products, packaging materials, equipment and devices, consumables and groceries such as detergent, masks, hand gloves, etc. We also contribute to a large reduction in daily management operations such as inventory management by clients and customer orders, by taking advantage of our inventory management system using “Uchide no Soko,” our original information technology network.

In addition to delivering products and materials, we have expertise in each field, actively developing highly functional products and a proposal system connecting to the next generation. As our clients expand business overseas, we support them by coordinating with our overseas business divisions. The role of Chemical Product Division is to be a manufacturing partner walking with clients.

Five features of our Chemical Product Division

  1. Provision of products procured in Japan and overseas, and response to various industries.
  2. Our original distribution system using an information technology network that can deliver what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed.
  3. Expertise in various fields, development of next-generation products and system proposals.
  4. Fully-equipped refrigerators, freezers, heated or isothermal warehouse to control the specific temperature for each product
  5. The person in charge of sales is a licensed chief engineer of poisonous material, or hazardous materials officer, ensuring the safe and secured provisions of products.

Takeyasu Takayama

Board Member
Director of Chemical Product Division
Takayasu Takayama

Distribution Center

Aiming for further improvement in the quality of storage/delivery function

We have distribution centers throughout Japan and have established a rapid logistics system using our original information technology network. Needless to say, we value “what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed,” but responding to the request of our clients “safely and reliably” is also important. Each distribution center is fully equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, heated and isothermal warehouse that can control the specified temperature of each product. Moreover, approx. 60% of the members of our sales staff are certified as a chief engineer of poisonous materials or hazardous materials officer, in order to provide safe and secure products.

Storage management
  • Various storage warehouses are fully equipped
    ③Heated warehouse
    ④Isothermal warehouse
    Various temperature controlled warehouses
  • Clean management
    High-purity chemical storage warehouse
    Resist storage warehouse
  • Lot management
  • Response to laws and regulations
    Hazardous materials, poisons, high-pressure gas, and industrial waste, etc.
  • Response in compliance with various laws and regulations
  • Can respond according to each client (delivery time and date, etc.)
  • Response 365 days (negotiable)
  • Automatic rack warehouse delivery
  • Refrigeration delivery truck
  • Temperature controlled warehouse
  • Fully-equipped warehouse of hazardous materials, poisons, and high-pressure gas
Quality ISO & Environment ISO

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