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Business Solution Division

Our Business Solution Division provides new-generation digital office environments to solve problems in the office with its one-stop service.

According the needs of clients, we support office upgrades for efficiency and comfortability, including suggestion of IT solution that links to various business equipment and multi-function machines as a network terminal. We contribute to the creation of new value for clients in digital environments passing on to the next generation.


We totally support your business by identifying problems in the office and providing better solutions.


In the advanced information society where the use of information technology and networking expands, the environment surrounding business has been changing day by day. In this situation, problems associated with these changes have also become more complicated.
Our Business Solution Division totally support to create optimal business environment for the office of clients, by identifying problems in the office related to document device and solution of information technology, ,including time and cost reduction.
We improve the business environment to prevent time loss and wasteful spending and help to create smooth and comfortable office environment to provide new value in your office.

As a business partner of Canon Inc., we provide regular maintenance service, as well as equipment supply (including multi-function machine) to improve office operations. We also propose paperless management and use of computerized document for storage by networking of the office by using multi-function machine as a network terminal.

Also, we have been designated as an agent of multiple manufacturers and suggest the optimal application, software, and system produced by these manufactures for the specific office and business style of the client. We offer support that will lead to a more comfortable and rapid business improvement. In addition to improvement of operation efficiency in the office, we have been rated highly for providing solution of information technology by networking for accelerated procedure of operations.
We also respond to failures of personal computers and provide network support. We have close support system of daily maintenance to help to create comfortable office environment for clients.


Corporate Executive Officer
Director of the Business Solution Division

Four features of our Business Solution Division

  1. Identification of problems and establishment of information technology system (including high efficiency and cost reduction)
  2. Business partner of Canon Inc.
  3. To provide total support by regular visit for maintenance
  4. To propose new value by creating digital office environment

Kazuyuki Maruyama

Director of the Business Solution Division

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