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Home Care and Nursing Division

Our Home Care and Nursing Division provides home care service to protect the life and health of the residents.

People want to live comfortably with their family at home where they have lived for a long time. To fulfill this wish by the patients, we support their comfortable life in their home in cooperation with medical institutions.


We provide patients with medical equipment for their comfortable stay at home or during travel.

We provide equipment required for home care, such as home oxygen inhalation, home central venous nutrition, and home nutrition tube feeding in Nagano, Yamanashi, and Gunma prefectures based on the coordination with physicians and nurses of medical institutions. We support the promotion of reliable medical health care at home with family in cooperation with physicians and nurses in medical institutions.

◆ Home oxygen inhalation

Oxygen inhalation daily used for patients with chronic respiratory failure or any other diseases who cannot take sufficient oxygen at home.

◆ Home central venous nutrition at home

This therapy is provided to patients who cannot take enteral nutrition, using intravenous infusion of high-caloric fluid via a central vein. It allows patients to receive treatment at home and come back to normal life because hospitalization only for nutrition intake is not necessary for them.

◆ Home nutrition tube feeding

This therapy is applied to patients who cannot take oral nutrition or those who require treatment for functional recovery of gastrointestinal tract. Patients with dysphagia, neurologic disease, or inflammation of the intestines can receive treatment with continuous nutrition intake at home.

In addition to arrangement for delivery of the above-mentioned equipment, we also provide instructions regarding installation and “how to use” maintenance, and collection of equipment.
Peace of mind is provided since our staff includes a qualified, first-class high-pressure gas sales representative to provide regular maintenance and our support system, 24/7. We also arrange the delivery and receipt of equipment to/at any place during travel.

Five features of our Home Care and Nursing Division

  1. Support system for 24/7
  2. Arrangement of delivery, installation, maintenance, and collection of equipment which are essential to maintain our life, including oxygen inhaler and feeding tube
  3. Provision of regular maintenance by the qualified personnel
  4. Prompt response for the arrangement of delivery and receipt, including delivery of equipment to any place during travel
  5. Support patients to stay with their family at home where they have lived for a long time or any place during travel

Director of Home Care and Nursing Division
Kimikazu Kuroiwa

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